Saturday, January 06, 2007


Been meaning to post this since it happened, but I am what ya call, lazy.

On Christmas Eve, we got from Ol' Saint Nick not a white, snowey holiday, but instead got 30 mph winds out of the north. You got that right, Cold Artic blasts for Xmas!!! WOO!! Lucky us...

The next morning, this is what I woke to:

All my Plastic Christmas People were spread alllll over the yeard like a bad frat party. My carefully placed, arfully lit Christmas Extraveganza that is the UBU's front lawn was now the scene of a holiday scene out of a Quenten Tarentino film.

Notice the two trees...between them once stood Father Christmas. Now? See below.

The only reason the Angelo is still standing is because of the piece of PVC shoved up her boohynie. All she did in the wind was ssssssssssspppppppppppiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn. LOL

And here is the resting place of Santa....right in the middle of the Manger. Damn drunken Elf!!!

Balthazar also survived the Horror of the Wind. Why? Not sure. Blessed by God? Dumb Luck? Or cause he's lower to the ground? All I know is that of all the wise guys, he lasted the longest. Maybe he was blessed by the Baby Jesus because of his gift of a Playstation 3.
See Frosty and mini-Frosty? They were under the other tree. Thats the neighbor's lawn, not ours. The only reason they are not all the way down in Antartica now is because they're still plugged in.

So, I left it like that. For a week. Why? Cause I found it darn funny. If I had my way, I would have put up Crime Scene tape. Now, that would be funny. Maybe next year. How was your Holidays?
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