Thursday, February 16, 2006


I leave for my vacation in 38 days. I am goen to the mecca that is Las Vegas. Its my third time in three years that I have gone there for my escape from work, and I cannot wait. CANNOT WAIT. is trying to kill me slowly, inch by inch. The frustrations are endless, and pile on like a group of grade schoolers wrestling for a loose ho ho. Every day, something insanely stupid happens. It seems some people just have no commen sense. Hell, no sense at all. I wish i could drink more.....hee hee

Anyways, vacation. Vegas. I leave on March 26, and come back on the 31st. I'm staying at Bally's, right in the middle of the strip, and plan on seeing Elton John!! Last year when I wanted to seem him, his tour changed and I wasn't able to. There is a wierd sense of sychronicity happening with this trip. I wanted to go in March, so I started looking at dates on Bally's site for hotel rates, and for some reason the last week of March the prices dropped in half. Then, I got an email form Caesars saying that Elton's new 2006 tour starts...March 27. It just seemed that it was my time to go.

Now, why Bally's? Well, when my buddies and I drove cross country a couple of years ago (long story for another time) we stayed in Vegas at Bally's. I was very impressed with the hotel, the rooms, the service, and the fact that it is a stop on the monorail. This is really the only way to travel up and down the Strip. The monorail runs from the MGM at the south end of the Strip, all the way up to the Sahara at the northern end of the Strip. Very cheap to ride, especially if you get the multiday pass. Last year I got a 3 day pass for 25 dollers, which allowed me to ride it as often as I wanted. It paid for itself the first day. Its fast, efficient, and will get you up and down in air conditioned comfort.

Anyways, I am stoked to get out of this 2 bit town. Dude...

Now, I am a blogger...

I am officially the no longer the only person in the world without a blog. I actually have been thinking of doing this for sometime now, but just was way to lazy to do it. Well, here it is. My blog. It will be most exciting, let me tell you what. Full of thrills and chills. Drama and excitement...I tell you what...

And thus it begins.

What, do you ask, will I blog about? Well.....anything I have an opinion on. For example, this stupidity about Cheney accidentally shooting his friend. It was dumb, it was wrong, and it was an accident. The problem is that people hate Cheney and thus believe that all he does is full of bile and evilness and that he will lie about the time of day. That this just another way the Evil Presidency is trying to get away with something else. The reality is that if you start out with the premise that the VP is evil, then you think only the worse of him. You will not look at the evidence in a clear manner, but instead see only some neferious plot. Its tiring to only hear negativity all the time, and whats even more tiring is that this is coming from the side of the political spectrum that is supposed to be the more understanding side. The side of inclusion, the side of welcoming all opinions, no matter how offensive or contrary. Hypocracy is ugly.