Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What I won't Blog On

Its actually a very small list but when you look at it, they are the single most devisive things one can talk about. They are:

Religion. I am not a particularly religious man. Definately very spiritual, but not tied to one brand of Christianity. My minor in Religion, coupled with trying every major brand of Christianity (I have been Baptist, Methodist, attended a Church of Christ school, and went to Catholic School for first Grade) has made realize that none of them have all the answers. We are not just talking the basic differences between Catholics aand Protestants, but stoopid things like their heated arguements about the use of musical instruments in the church services (Church of Christ don't use them in the services because the first Christians didn't. Not maken that up). So I do not discuss religion with people. Living in a very small, very fundamentalist town like I do will cure of that really quick.

Politics: Now, many of you might not know that I am a serious geek. I mean, total History Channel watchen geek. In college I was a double major of Poli Sci and History (two of the more useless degree's in the real world, let me tell ya), and paid for college by being on the Debate Squad. All of this gave me a very interesting perspective on Politics: No one is right. Everyone has a point, and unless they are really crazy, are probably at least a lil correct. Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative.....none of it really matters. Especially now that no one actually listens to each other. Everyone is to busy blaming the other guy for the problems of the world without trying to fix the problems. If one is in power, the other does everything they can to demolish the other side, and vice versa. Its just so freaken frustrating. We are facing serious challenges in our future: Islmaic Fascism, the Bankruptcy of Social Security, Immigration, The Growing Debt, and NOT ONE POLITICIAN IS ACTUALLY TRYING TO SOLVE ANY OF THEM!!!! Dude, if you think that they are, your just not paying much attention. We need to stop pointing fingers, and start solving the problems.

So, what will I blog on? Pretty much stuff I think will amuse the 9 people (and I know who you are) that actually read this blog: My vacations, tv shows, movies...etc. However, I will not promise that if something doesn't get me all riled up, I won't vent about it here.

And I do tend to get riled.

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